Slide Show – Image Presentation


8.1 Slide Show

The image pane can be set to automatically change the displayed image after a period of time, in GQview this is referred to as a slide show.

Starting a slide show

A slide show can be started in a number of ways:

Stopping a slide show

An active slide show can be stopped by using the same functions available to start one, as they work like a toggle switch. If slide show repeat is not enabled in the options dialog, the slide show will stop when the last image in the sequence is displayed.

Any action that changes the image pane to a new image will stop the active slide show, with the exception of the methods discussed in Slide show sequence navigation.

Slide show status

The main window status bar can be used to determine when a slide show is active, Slide show will be displayed next to the file count field. An individual Image Window can also display a slide show, however the status will not be immediately visible. To determine the slide show status in an image window, open a context menu by right clicking or using the menu key, the slide show menu item will reflect the slide show status; if Start slide show is displayed, no slide show is active, conversely if Stop slide show is displayed a slide show is active.

When a Slide show is paused, the main window status bar will display Paused instead of Slide show. Likewise, the image context menu will display Pause slide show or Continue slide show, depending on the current state.

Pausing a slide show

An active slide show can be paused in two ways:

Selecting the images to include in a slide show

When a single image is selected, all images in the current folder are included in the slide show. The sequence will begin with the current image; however if random slide shows are enabled, the sequence will begin with a random image from the list.

To only include some images in a slide show, use multiple selection to select the images to include before starting the slide show.

An image collection can be used as the list of images, to do this drag an image from a collection window onto the image pane. Starting a slide show will then include the images from that collection.

So far, the methods described are for slide shows in a main window, in an Image Window, the slide show will use all images referenced by that window.

Recursive slide show

In the main window, a recursive slide show can be started from a folder's context menu; the folder's right click menu will include two slide show options:

Slide show sequence navigation

When a slide show is active, functions that normally change the image forward and backward can be used to step through those contained in the slide show.

Configuring a slide show

The options that control the behavior of slide shows are located on the General tab of the options dialog.

Display time: The delay between each image in the slide show can be adjusted with the Delay before image change option.

Repeat: This will cause the slide show to loop indefinitely, it will continue with the first image after displaying the last image in the slide show list.

Random: This will display images randomly selected from the slide show list. Each image from the slide show list will be displayed once. When Repeat is also enabled, the random sequence is changed after each complete cycle of the images.




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