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3.1 Image Window

An image window is a window that displays only the image.

An image window can always be opened from the context menu of all images and files. Keyboard shortcuts exist for most windows that display images or files, however the shortcut can vary dependent on the type of window containing them.

The image pane contained in an image window behaves and operates similar to the image pane of a Main Window. The keyboard shortcuts are the same, and the context menu is the same except “Hide file list” is replaced by “Close window”. The slide show and full screen functions are also available.


When the image window contains a list of images or is linked to a collection, the displayed image can be changed forward or backward in the list with the respective PageDown and PageUp keys. In addition, all navigation methods for the mouse and keyboard are similar to that of the image pane of a Main Window.

Changing the image

To change the contents of an image window, drop the items onto the window with drag and drop. The dropped item can be one or more files, folders, or an image from a collection window:

One or more files: The image window will display the first image; the list of dropped images can be navigated similar to a main window's image pane.

One or more folders: When the dropped list of items includes a folder, a menu will appear allowing to skip the folders, add their contents, or add their contents recursively. After choosing from the menu the requested files will be added to the image window.

Image from a collection: The image window will change to display the image and become linked to the collection containing the image. Images in the collection can then be navigated and viewed from the image window.

Changing the image window by dropping a new item onto it will cause the previous list of images or linked collection to be discarded.

To update the image display in the event that the source file has changed, press the R key.

Information Overlay

A small overlay can be turned on and off by pressing the I key. This overlay displays the image file name, dimensions, file date, and file size. The count of the current image and of all images contained by the window are also displayed in parenthesis. When the window is linked to a collection, the collection title will also appear in the overlay in italics above the file name.




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