Status Bar - Main Window


2.7 Status Bar

The status bar contains information and details about the contents of the main window. Information displayed includes the progress of generating thumbnails, the number of files in the file list with byte size, the current file selection count including byte size, details about the currently displayed image, and the zoom setting. The current sort preference is also displayed, and can be adjusted from the status bar.

The status bar is comprised of five sections, from left to right these are a progress bar, sort method, file list counts, image details, and zoom setting. Each section is described below.

Progress Bar

The Progress bar updates to display the current state of thumbnail generation. When this section contains no text, thumbnail generation is idle. When “Loading thumbs...” is displayed, thumbnails are currently being generated when GQview is idle; the progress bar will update to display the percentage of thumbnails that are completed.

Sort method

This is the method used to sort image names in the file list. Clicking or activating this field will display a menu to allow selection of the sort method.

Name: Images are sorted by file name.
Number: Images are sorted by natural numerical order, such that, for example, 9_name.jpg will be listed before 10_name.jpg.
Date: Images are sorted by file date on disk.
Size: Image are sorted by file size on disk.
Ascending: Toggles between increasing and decreasing sort order. A check will appear next to this entry to indicate ascending sort order.

File list

This section displays the count of files that appear in the file list, including the total byte size. The number of files selected is displayed in parenthesis, including the total byte size of the selected files. The slide show status is also displayed here; when a slide show is running, “Slideshow” will appear, the text will change to “Paused” when a slide show is in the paused state.

Image Details

This section displays the dimensions (width x height) and file byte size of the image that is active in the image pane. When the format of the file in the image pane can not be determined the dimensions will show as “(0 x 0)”, in addition “(no read permision)” may appear if the file permissions do not allow reading the contents of the file.


This section displays the current zoom ratio. A ratio of 1:1 is the image's original size. When the left number is larger the image is displayed larger than original size, when the right number is larger the image is displayed smaller.

A tilde (~) appears within the ratio display when the zoom is set to fit the image within the display area. In this zoom mode the ratio is automatically adjusted, and the displayed ratio may not be the actual ratio because the status bar display rounds the actual value to the nearest tenth (0.1).




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