Filtering – Options Explained


10.4 Filtering Options

This section describes the options presented under the Filtering Tab of the preferences dialog.


Show entries that begin with a dot: Enables the display of hidden files and folders, also known as dot files.

Case sensitive sort: Files and folders are sorted such that upper case letters occur before lower case letters.

Enabled result: A, B, C, a, b, c
Disabled result: A, a, B, b, C, c

Disable file filtering: Enable this to allow GQview to list all files, even those that do not contain images.

File types

This list contains the image formats that are understood by GQview. To disable a specific file type from being displayed, uncheck it's corresponding checkbox. Filters can be edited by first selecting the line containing the item to be changed, then clicking the filter or description field, making any changes, then pressing enter; press escape to cancel an active edit. The format for the filter field is a semicolon (;) seperated list of extensions, extensions must include the period (.).

Note: Unlike all other options in the dialog, filter list changes are applied immediately.

Add button: Adds a new blank line to the filter list, change the parameters to match the desired file type.

Remove button: Removes the selected line from the filter list.

Defaults button: Resets the filter list to the default values, discarding any customizations made by the user.




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