Editors – Options Explained


10.5 Editor Commands

This section describes the options presented under the Editors Tab of the preferences dialog.

GQview includes ten entries that can be used for executing other applications or shell commands with the selected image. These commands are accessible by menu and keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts use [Control] + [1] through [Control] + [0], which correspond to lines one through ten in the preferences dialog.

Menu name: This field is used to represent the command in the menus of GQview, it is intended to describe the application or function that results from executing the command in the Command Line field.

Command Line: This field is the command to execute. Several macros are available to position image file names within the command. If no macro is specified, the behavior will be to append the filenames onto the end of the command (the result will be the same as “command %f”).




Inserts list of selected files, may occur only once.


Command is executed once for each selected file, may occur multiple times.


Display the result of the command in an output window, must occur as the first two characters.


Like %v above, but when used with %p, only displays output window when multiple files are selected; The output of a single file is suppressed.

Help button: Displays reference list of the supported command macros.

Defaults button: Resets all commands to the default settings, discarding any customizations made by the user.




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