Window – Options Explained


10.3 Window Options

This section describes the options presented under the Windows Tab of the preferences dialog.


Remember window positions: This will maintain the main window size and position between GQview sessions.

Remember tool state: This will maintain the tool window state between GQview sessions.


Fit window to image when tools are hidden/floating: The main window will be resized to accommodate each image's size and proportions when the image pane is the only one visible within the window.

Limit size when auto-sizing window: This will restrict the maximum size a window can grow to automatically fit an image. The value represents the percentage of the desktop size in width and height.

Window Layout

The GQview main window consists of three main panes, their position and order can be changed here. The first four selections represent the basic layout of the main window. The numbers within each selection represent the order of the pane content. The order of the content can be changed by dragging the Tools, Files, or Image with the mouse to the desired location within the list.




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