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0.1 (02/10/1998): First public release of GQview.

1.0 (12/14/2001): First stable release.

1.2 (12/12/2002): Add choice of tree view for folders, and icon view for images.

1.4 (02/21/2004): Switch to GTK 2 (from GTK 1.2). Exif Support.

2.0 (02/26/2005): Printing and search utility. Major changes with screen shots are on the New in 2.0 page.

Complete History of GQview

New Feature

2.1.5 - 12/03/2006

Add support for color profiles (requires lcms to be enabled)
Add ability to delete a folder and it's contents (with restrictions).
Add support for jpegs embedded in pentax and olympus raw files.
Add icons for image state, enabled with I keyboard shortcut.
For pan view calendar only show months that contain an image.
Make scrolling with overlays (full screen info display) a bit smoother.
Make sort menus display choices as radio group instead of checkbox.
Use white background for transparent images when printing.
Escape filename characters "`$\ before passing them to the system shell when running an editor command.
Fix occasional crash in icon view when removing files.
Always use aligned memory access in EXIF parser, fixes crash with BUS error on sparc.
Fix progress bar warning when removing files while loading thumbnails.
Fix image count in full screen information overlay when in slideshow.
Fix memory leak when unable to start a slideshow.

2.1.4 - 11/04/2006

Fix Pan View scrolling to top left or center when the canvas size is recalculated.

2.1.3 - 11/04/2006

Add translations eo, eu; updated translation be.
Add command to view image as grayscale with [Shift]+[G].
Make [F11] also toggle fullscreen.
Make [Shift]+[P] show print dialog in additional places
Make [Control]+[V] display current image in a new window.
Use new window icons, and include original svg images with source.
Add --geometry command line option.
In Pan View, make [Control]+[F] show search bar, and [Control]+[G] repeat last search.
Add Pan View option to display EXIF data with info popup.
Add Pan View option to display full size image with info popup.
Fix Pan View inability to scroll to popups that are offscreen.
Fix Pan View shortcuts to work regardless of widget focus
Fix command line parsing when given multiple folders.
Use correct folder name (.thumblocal) to store local thumbnails as described in the freedesktop thumbnail managing standard.
Fix auto rename utility to allow counting from zero.
Fix [Shift]+[R] from also activating refresh when in fullscreen.
Fix [Shift]+[F] from also deactivating fullscreen, then crashing.
Fix long standing bug of partially obscured window not properly redrawing when panning the image.
Fix using [Escape] key to close image windows from eventually leading to crash.
Fix very slow re-sort in the file list.
Fix warning when attempting to draw zero length string onto pixbuf.

2.1.2 - 10/14/2006

Add more flexible auto-renaming option to rename dialog.
Update translations de, fi, fr, it, pl, pt_BR, ru, sk, vi,zh_TW.
Add translations be, ca, ko.
Allow data cache reader to tolerate older/future features of GQview.
Fix renaming a folder to an existing folder from clobbering the existing folder.
Exif timezone fix.
Fix compile time warnings on newer gcc and gtk+.

2.1.1 - 6/14/2005

Add support for displaying embedded jpegs in raw format files. Includes canon (cr2, crw), fuji (raf), and nikon (nef).
Add Exif makernote support for canon, fuji, nikon, and olympus.
Change image display into GTK widget, including small improvements.
Improve pan view draw speed when displaying 1000's of images.
Change pan view color scheme to use neutral (gray) colors.
Add option to sort pan view by embedded (Exif) image date.
Pan view now ignores recursive symbolic links.
Add "%w" macro to editor commands to not deactivate full screen.
Update translations cs, it. And add small fixes for de, fr.
Fix occasional rounding error when updating image display.
Fix renaming a folder to an existing folder from clobbering the existing folder.
Fix large thumbnail save logic.
Fix a few memory leaks.

2.1.0 - 3/5/2005

Add Pan View window (name pending) for displaying images as a timeline, calendar, folder tree, folder flower (name pending) and basic grid. Keyboard shortcut for Pan View is Control + J (may change in future).
Panning an image with the mouse while holding down the shift key will increase speed.
Add 'Fast jpeg thumbnailing' option, on by default.
Demote xvpics support to a hidden option.
Update French translation.

2.0.4 - 12/02/2006

Make sort menus display choices as radio group instead of checkbox.
Use white background for transparent images when printing.
Fix occasional crash in icon view when removing files.
Always use aligned memory access in EXIF parser, fixes crash with BUS error on sparc.
Fix progress bar warning when removing files while loading thumbnails.
Fix image count in full screen information overlay.
Fix memory leak when unable to start a slideshow.

2.0.3 - 11/04/2006

Add translations eo, eu.
Use new window icons, and include original svg images with source.
Make [F11] also toggle fullscreen.
Make [Shift]+[P] show print dialog in additional places.
Make [Control]+[V] display current image in a new window.
Fix auto rename utility to allow counting from zero.
Fix [Shift]+[R] from also activating refresh when in fullscreen.
Fix [Shift]+[F] from also deactivating fullscreen, then crashing.
Fix using [Escape] key to close image windows from eventually leading to crash.
Fix very slow re-sort in the file list.

2.0.2 - 10/14/2006

Update translations de, fi, pl, pt_BR, ru, sk, vi, zh_TW.
Add translations be, ca, ko.
Add %w macro to editor commands.
Thumbnail check order fix.
Allow data cache reader to tolerate (ignore) future features of GQview.
Do not allow to rename a folder when folder with new name exists.
Avoid possible hang in corrupt exif data.
Fix compile time warnings on newer gcc and gtk+.

2.0.1 - 5/14/2005

Update translations cs, fr
Fix rounding error when updating visible scaled image.
Fix crash in move/copy dialog when permissions no longer allow listing of previous folder contents.
Small bug fixes.

2.0.0 - 2/26/2005

Update translations for bg, es, it, ja, nl, pl, ru.

1.5.9 - 2/15/2005

Set default image for similarity in a search to the current image.
Update Italian translation.
Fix main window keyboard shortcuts for editor commands.
Fix thumbnail memory leak in file list view.
Fix searching by keywords to ignore case.
Fix writing of image data to cache in search utility.

1.5.8 - 2/8/2005

Add option 'Store keywords and comments local to source image'. This feature was not available in the previous release, in addition the functionality was incorrectly tied to 'cache into .thumbnails' in earlier releases.
Change default thumbnail mechanism to shared thumbnail standard.
Updated translations for it, ru, sv.
Use png saving feature of GTK+ instead of direct libpng.
Added picas to Units option in print dialog.
Fix custom printer text when no printers are listed by lpstat.
Fix bug causing image display to blank when automated refresh occurs at the same time an image is selected for viewing.
Fix initial match type for keywords to be in sync with it's menu in search dialog.
Fix metadata reader to always search in both home and local folders.
Fix shared thumbnail update feature when moving or renaming files.
Fix incorrect appearance of default bookmarks in sort manager when the home collection folder is empty.

1.5.7 - 1/31/2005

Increased GTK+ requirement to version 2.4.
Add option to have window manager completely handle full screen.
Sort manager can now add images to collections.
Print dialog now has option to remember print settings.
Metadata is now always stored in user's home .gqview/metadata folder regardless of local thumbnails option.
Only manage shared thumbnails when they are enabled.
Update the folder list icons.
Update translations for es, fr, it.
Update build system to use glib-gettext instead of gettext.
Documentation is now installed to $PREFIX/share/doc/gqview-x.x.x/
Fix full screen window manager class to be fullscreen.GQview
GQview no longer exits if a broken pipe error occurs when printing.
Fix broken keyboard shortcuts when tools are floating.
Fix full screen overlay that was occasionally showing incorrect information.

1.5.6 - 1/7/2005

Added support for the shared thumbnail specification.
The contents of collections in $HOME/.gqview/collections are now automatically updated when renaming or moving images.
The original file is no longer lost if an error occurs when saving a collection.
Moved utility to remove old thumbnails to new maintenance window.
Added a utility to create thumbnails ahead of time for a folder, and to optionally include subfolders.
The list of thumbnail sizes has changed.
Added option to try to keep full screen window above other windows.
Updated the French and Russian translations.

1.5.5 - 12/27/2004

Update dialogs to match GNOME HIG recommendations.
Dialog button order has changed as per above HIG changes.
All print dialog options are now implemented.
Control + arrow keys now jump to the respective edges of image.
Add -sr remote command to start a recursive slideshow.
Specifying the --remote command line option with no other options now raises the existing main window.
The -l command line option now includes collections.
Changed the desktop icon.
Reorganized the options window.
Removed the dithering quality option from the GUI.
Updated translations FR, IT, and SV.
Fix failure to redraw display with new image in some conditions.
Fix image flicker when resizing window.
Specifying a collection on the command line now shows the first image of the collection in the main window.
Fix missing error dialog when a file copy fails.
Fix crash caused by slideshow randomizer stepping beyond last image.
Fix print postscript output from breaking on some locales.
Fix inability to resize Keywords sidebar when it is insensitive.
Fix crash when quitting application from a remote --quit command.

1.5.4 - 11/9/2004

Added ability to display image information when in full screen (I key).
Completed documentation.
Added handle to allow sizing of Exif and Keywords sidebars.
Updates to printing feature, this is still work in progress.
Update translations es, fr, it, ja, sv, and added ar.
Change default full screen location to active monitor.
Fix full screen window positioning, decoration.
Set dialogs as a transient of their originating window.
Fix stuck busy cursor in full screen when using smooth image flip.
R key now refreshes image when in full screen.
Fix keyboard image controls when tools are floating.
Fix Control+S save collection shortcut from closing collection window.
Fix rare crash when removing deleted files from the icon view.
Fix app hang when attempt to regenerate a thumbnail fails.
Remove use of non-portable round().
Bug fixes.

1.5.3 - 9/20/2004

Added --remote command line options to control a running GQview, use --remote-help for supported commands.
Find duplicates by file checksum now uses the MD5 algorithm.
Exif Sidebar display parameters can now be customized by toggling the checkmark next to the desired key names in the advanced view.
Added Shift+Left Click image scroller.
Added W and H keyboard shortcuts to fit image to window width and height, respectively.
Changed tool hide shortcut to Control+H.
Removed original full screen method, the new one is now the only one.
Application maximized status now retained between sessions.
Removed image focus border when only the image is displayed.
Slight find duplicates speed improvement.
Added calendar popup for date entries in the Search window.
Updated translations for IT, JA, and SV.
Changed default quality of thumbnails and image zoom.
Added scroll_reset_method to control image location to upper left, centered, or unchanged when changing the image. This option is not available via the GUI, please see section 10.7 of the Manual.
Print dialog printing to a printer is now implemented.
Custom printer entry now includes a list of available printers.
Desktop file now runs command as remote.
Added a FAQ to the manual (Manual is still only half complete).
Fix ambiguous title and menu text for the Keyword Sidebar.
Fix various focus issues when removing or deleting images.
Fix non-working file management shortcuts when in full screen from a stand alone image window.
Fix unexpected layout order change in options window.
Fix crash when starting a slide show from the folder tree view right click menu.

1.5.2 - 8/26/2004

Started documentation for a help manual (~50% completed).
Add favorite keyword list for easy keyword assignment.
Add option to delay full screen change until image load is complete.
Add option to disable xscreensaver when in full screen.
Search window is now sortable by column.
Slideshow delay precision changed to .1 (tenth) second.
Updated Romanian, Russian translations.
Fix application hang when running a verbose editor command.
Fix floating tool window keyboard shortcuts.
Fix file truncation when attempting to copy same file with multiple hard links.
Fix utf-8 warnings when displaying file date text.
Fix utf-8 filename warning dialog to display in all cases.
Merge bug fixes from 1.4.3 stable.

Print function started, but only print to image file works.

1.5.1 - 4/5/2004

Added fullscreen support for multiple screens/monitors.
Updated Bulgarian and Japanese translations.
Added frame to all list views.
Fix bad bug in search dialog that changes the file timestamps when generating dimensions or image content data.
Honor G_BROKEN_FILENAMES environment variable.
Fix several dialogs to be treated as a dialog by the the window manager.
Update batch rename preview when reordering with drag and drop.
Fix rare crash on failure to delete multiple files.

1.5.0 - 3/12/2004

Added search dialog utility (F3).
Added image details sidebar (Ctrl + K).
Added support for image keywords and comments.
Added symlink option to sort manager.
Some cosmetic updates.

1.4.5 - 10/15/2004

Remove window decorations from full screen window, this fixes the decorations that are presented on older window managers.
Fix broken keyboard focus in main window when the tools are floating.
Connect R key to refresh the image when in full screen.

1.4.4 - 9/18/2004

Fix various focus issues when removing or deleting images.
Fix bug where GQview would hang until an editor command completed.
Fix full screen interfering with xscreensaver lock.
Fix date text utf-8 warnings.
File management operations no longer turn off full screen.
Fix unexpected layout order change in options window.
Fix crash when starting slide show from folder tree right click menu.
Misc fixes from 1.5 devel branch.

1.4.3 - 4/30/2004

Updated Japanese and Romanian translations.
Added support for scrolling with a horizontal mouse wheel.
Fix crash when removing items from a collection window.
Fix occasional incorrect rankings in find duplicates window.
Fix bug allowing focus to go beyond last row in icon view.
Fix keyboard focus positioning in the list view when deleting images.
Fix incorrect regeneration of thumbnails when the user is not the owner of the thumbnail.
Fix application hang during execution of a verbose script from an editor slot.
Fix delay when showing pop-up rename overlay.

1.4.2 - 4/5/2004

Updated Bulgarian translation.
Added frame to all list views.
Honor G_BROKEN_FILENAMES environment variable.
Fix several dialogs to be treated as a dialog by the the window manager.
Update batch rename preview when reordering with drag and drop.
Fix rare crash on failure to delete multiple files.

1.4.1 - 3/1/2004

Updated Hungarian translation.
Fix crash in folder tree view.
Fix crash when attempting rare warning dialog for utf-8 at startup.

1.4.0 - 2/21/2004

Updated translations for bg, cs, de, es, fi, fr, nl, sk, and zh_TW.
Translation fix in options window.
Keyboard context menu warning fix.
Fix invisible text in thumbnail maintenance dialog.

1.3.9 - 2/3/2004

Updated bg, es, fi, fr, pl, ru, sv, and vi translations.
Batch rename dialog now automatically updates the result preview.
Added V for fullscreen toggle, in addition to F.
Added --disable-xinerama configure switch.
Updated man page.
Fix broken translation of text in exif display.
Fix exif crash when encountering unknown data format id.
Bug fixes.

1.3.8 - 1/23/2004

Updated translations for fi, ja, and sv.
Revert to old page up/down key behavior for main window.
EXIF sidebar state and size are now retained.
Added N key to go to next image, to supplement B for previous image.
Fix selection of next image when deleting current image.
Fix image size display in properties window.
Fix display of file sizes and counts greater than 2 gigabytes.
Fix failure to complete thumbnails after encountering corrupt image.
Fix incorrect name display when creating a folder in the tree view.
Fix clear list crash in find duplicates window when comparing 2 sets.
Fix use of freed memory in thumbnail loader.
Fix invalid utf-8 warning in help window.
Fix output of --help to non-utf-8 terminals.
Grammar and spelling fixes.
Misc. bug fixes.

1.3.7 - 12/22/2003

Added text display of filename in icon view.
Context menus now have underscore mnemonics.
Fullscreen key binding changed to F.
Added Swedish, updated Russian translations.
Fix crash when updating thumbnails.
Fix warnings/crash when thumbnails are set over 100 pixels high.
Fix crash when displaying exif data.

1.3.6 - 12/15/2003

Port to GTK2 completed, lists are now GtkTreeViews.
Drag and drop now works with button 1.
Added preview of results when auto renaming files.
Middle button now toggles item selection.
Improved moving of images within collection window.
Now shows safe delete status in delete dialogs.
Removed "Insert file drops at pointer location" option.
Some options in preferences window were moved to advanced tab.
Drag and drop now works fully with nautilus and konqueror.
Fix removal of of old thumbnails, broken by previous release.

1.3.5 - 11/9/2003

Added option to rotate image based on Exif.
Exif parser rewrite.
Added advanced view for exif data, shows all data in the file.
The list of supported file formats is now built by querying gdk-pixbuf.
Fix crash when filesystem filenames are not UTF-8 even though the system settings claim they are.

1.3.4 - 10/31/2003

Added result window for output of editor commands.
Fix application hang until external editor commands finish.
utf8 fixes, filenames in application now stored as utf8.
Fix copy/move overwrite auto rename option.
File selection fixes.
Fix crash when window dimensions result in hidden image.
Memory leak fixes (several minor, two major).

1.3.3 - 10/21/2003

Added safe delete option (trash buffer), off by default.
Duplicate image results now grouped using rank, closer matches are listed first.
Results for comparing two file sets now display which list contains each image.
Sorting of filenames is now case insensitive by default.
Prebuffer next image option also retains the previous image.
Automatic list/image refresh now optional.
Size of the exif sidebar can now be adjusted.
Added undo to the sort manager.
Delete and rename dialogs now display the effected image.
Added --alternate command line option to enable testing the alternate image similarity algorithm.
Updated German and Spanish translations.
Added current folder (.) back to the simple folder list.
Increased editor slot count to 10, updated the defaults.
Removed redraw flicker when entering fullscreen.
Grey out suboptions when parent is disabled in preferences.
Exif flash display fix.

1.3.2 - 6/14/2003

Added EXIF sidebar to main window (ctrl+e to toggle display).
Added sort manager for quickly sorting images into directories (ctrl+s).
Added bg and id translations.
Updated es and nl translations.
Added bookmarks to file dialogs.
Displayed Image now refreshes when file is updated.
Fix EXIF reader file descriptor leak.
Fix EXIF exposure display.
Fix Solaris compile.

1.3.1 - 3/4/2003

Translations updated to sync with the stable release.
Fixes to exif information display.
Fixed copy and move overwrite dialog logic.
Fixed path entry in main window.
Fixed missing translated text (utf8 warnings, blank menus, etc.).
Misc bug fixes, more GTK 2 porting.

1.3.0 - 2/4/2003

Ported to GTK2.
Added (untested, no camera :/ ) Exif support, available in a tab on the properties window.
For keyboard users, pressing the menu key now displays the context menus, these were known as the right click menus to mouse users.
Updated French translation.
Allow keyboard navigation of the tree view without selecting every row.
Bug fixes.

1.2.2 - 3/4/2003

Updated French and Spanish translations.
Added Vietnamese translation.
Tweaked behavior of 'view in new window' to honor multiple selections..
Fixed copy and move overwrite dialog logic.

1.2.1 - 1/24/2003

Updated translations fr, ja, ru.
Removed 'place dialogs under mouse' option (still available, see comments section in README).
Slight speed improvement decoding larger images when zoomed.
Fixed icon view bug when moving or deleting multiple files.
The main menu editor slots now work on the current file selection instead of only the viewed image.

1.2.0 - 12/12/2002

Updated translations cs, de, fi.
Fixed locale path define in configure, rpm scripts.

1.1.6 - 9/26/2002

File filtering was rewritten.
Added Romanian translation, and updated et, fi, and fr translations.
Failing to generate a thumbnail is now remembered so that future views to that location do not attempt to generate it (and fail) again.
Added 'up to parent' to directory right click menus.
Removed current (.) directory from the simple directory view.
Speed improvement when deleting many files when in the icon view.
Thumbnail caching is now on by default, for new installs.
Made keyboard shortcuts more consistent, and added missing shortcuts.
Zoom preference is now retained when no image is displayed.
Fixed sensitivity of windows when in fullscreen, for Xinerama users.
Fixed saving and loading of editor commands that contain quotes.
Fixed a crash when deleting files during thumbnail creation.
Misc small bug and aesthetic fixes.

1.1.5 - 7/2/2002

Added (untested) Xinerama support.
When a new directory is selected, the first image in that directory is now viewed (to enable old behavior see README).
Tree view now auto expands to display subdirectories of the active path.
Translation updates for et and uk.
Added skip all button to the overwrite files dialog.
Fixed 'fit window to image when tools float' option.
Fixed the cause of panes resizing to top left when toggling tools.
Fixed several bugs that cause a crash when refreshing the file listing.
Fixed scrolling bugs in file view.
Fixed miscellaneous smaller bugs.

1.1.4 - 5/1/2002

Added numerical auto-rename option to the rename multiple files dialog.
External editor commands now accept %f to insert the filename anywhere within the command.
View windows now accept multiple files and directories with drag and drop.
Multiple main windows can now be opened.
Main window automatically refreshes when viewed directory's contents change.
Zooming with the mouse now keeps the image aligned under the pointer.
Image rotation now keeps the same area visible.
Tweaked image keyboard focus display.
Fixed list view scroll bug when toggling thumbnails.
Fixed some file maintenance issues with the main window.
Fixed zoom increment bug when current zoom is 'fit to window'.
Fixed bug that can cause random memory to be written to the rc file.

1.1.3 - 4/18/2002

Added two pass zooming option, on by default.
Added file properties dialog to right click menus.
Added user settable 'custom' threshold for finding dupes with similarity.
Now displays the rank when finding dupes with the similarity method.
Similarity comparison stage is now 2 to 3 times faster.
Image rotation is now 2 to 3 times faster.
Updated Czech translation.
Toolbar can now be hidden.
The directory list now scrolls to display previous selection when moving up the directory tree.
Now reports when an image can not be displayed due to lack of read permission.
Menu fixes to remove the ugly (Un) prefixes.
Fixed display order of the find duplicates result list.
Fixed non-random slideshow to be sequential.
Fixed bugs when changing the layout view.
Fixed alignment when toggling thumbnails before they were finished.

1.1.2 - 4/8/2002

Floating and hiding of the 'tools' have returned.
Added rename and auto rename options to the file overwrite dialogs.
Added option for the image background to be black.
Ctrl-I and Ctrl-T now toggle icon and tree views, respectively.
When using gdk-pixbuf 0.16.0 or newer, enable the Tiles zoom quality option. (Tiles is faster than Bilinear, but very similar in quality).
Thumbnails are now re-generated if the thumbnail's time stamp does not match that of the source (old behavior only tested for new less than old).
When copying files, now attempts to retain file attributes.
External editors are now started with the working path of the image.
Added Thai translation, updated the Estonian and French translations.
Fix file positioning bugs when refreshing, deleting, or moving files.
Fix in place renaming display bug.
Miscellaneous bug fixes.

1.1.1 - 2/14/2002

Added optional image icon view to main window.
Added optional folder tree view to main window.
Files can now be copied or moved by dropping images onto the folder list.
Folders can now be renamed or created from the folder pop-up menu.
The keys 9, 8, and 7 now zoom respectively to -2.0, -3.0, and -4.0.
Now displays total bytes in current folder, and of selected images.
Re-implemented internal maintenance to update views as files are moved, renamed, or deleted.
Doubled the bytes read per call when loading an image.
The window title is now updated to reflect the current image.

1.1.0 - 2/6/2002

The main window layout is now user configurable.
Tab completion will now pop up a list of possible matches.
The keys used to directly zoom an image (1,2,3,4) now work in full screen.

1.0.2 - 1/29/2002

Updated Czech and Chinese (zh_CN.GB2312) translations.
Fixed removal of selected files in duplicates window (it was not removing the entire selection).

1.0.1 - 1/1/2002

Updated translations UK and added CS.
Updated email address contact info.

1.0 - 12/15/2001

Updated translations hu and nl.

0.99.3 (RC1) - 12/10/2001

Added translation for no.
Updated translations es, et, fr, it, nl, ru.
Clarified release license in about dialog.

0.99.2 - 12/5/2001

Updated translations de, fi, fr, pt_BR, sk, zh_TW.
Minor man page and README updates.

0.99.1 - 11/25/2001

Added translation da (Danish).
Updated translations fr (French) and pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese).
Fixed incorrect file listing when attempting to enter a directory with no read access.

0.99.0 - 11/19/2001

Added a help window, it merely displays the README.
Fixed bug causing window to never resize larger when changing images and the zoom is set to fit window.
Several small bug fixes.

0.13.0 - 11/15/2001

Added ability to reorder images within a collection using drag and drop.
Added Ukrainian translation.
Updated Dutch translation.
Closing a modified collection window now prompts to save first.
Changed list colors in find duplicates and collection windows.
Selecting remove old thumbnails and clear thumbnails now shows a dialog displaying the progress of the selected action.
Several minor bugs fixed.

0.12.0 - 10/20/2001

Added date and size display columns to the file list.
Added file management (copy, move, etc.) to the collection pop-up menus.
Added to file dialogs a right-click menu for renaming and deleting files. Also added a button to create new directories.
Added translations et, fi, nl.
Updated translations de, fr, it, ja, pl, sl.
New option to sort files ascending or descending.
New option to sort files by numerical order (8,9,10...).
.thumbnails directories are now created group writeable.
Files dropped on the duplicates window are now filtered.
Made removing multiple files from the duplicates window faster.
Fix file rename missing cursor bug.
Fixed memory leak in the find duplicates window.
Minor bug fixes.

0.11.0 - 3/20/2001

Added option to compare between two different sets of files (select 'compare two file sets' in the find duplicates window).
Collections can now be opened from the command line.
Updated Spanish and Traditional Chinese translations.
Temporarily disabled TILE zoom quality option (see README to enable)
.xvpics is now used as a last resort for loading thumbnails.
Fixed the window classes, main window is now GQview:gqview

0.10.1 - 2/26/2001

Thumbnails can now be optionally stored in a .thumbnails subdirectory (off by default).
The find duplicates window now caches image information with the thumbnails.
Thumbnails and cached data are now moved when their parent is moved.
The find duplicates window now gives a (very) rough estimate of time remaining for the current operation.
Added simplified Chinese translation.
Fixed image loader bug that was causing thumbnails to fail for some file types, notably xpm and tiff.
Similarity comparison now works for images with dimensions less than 32 by 32.
Fixed cause of recursive slideshow failing to work when the main filelist was empty but still contained directories.
Fixed compile problems for some systems (hopefully).
Fixed occasional gtk-warnings in find duplicates window.

0.10.0 - 2/19/2001

Fixed dialog window problem of enter key always selecting default action regardless of the focused widget.
Fixed the drawing of the image focus to support themes.
Fix compile for some platforms due to missing include of time.h.

0.9.5 - 2/12/2001

Added right click menu to the directory list, including selections for recursive slideshow and finding duplicates.
Added a man page.
Holding down shift while using the mouse wheel now inverts it's behavior from preferences, and holding control now adjusts the zoom.
Added Hungarian translation, and updated the French translation.
Going into full screen now immediately hides the mouse cursor.
Fixed an image scroll rendering bug.
Moved files are now removed from the file list.
Toggling fullscreen during image load now works correctly.
Made P and B keys also work in full screen.
Fixed occasional crash when hiding the tools window.

0.9.4 - 2/5/2001

Duplicates can now be compared by image content similarity, including normal, high, and low thresholds.
Added keyboard shortcuts, and file management to the Find Duplicates window.
Image rendering now has a higher priority.
When files are moved/renamed/deleted all windows are now updated to reflect the changes.
Added keyboard shortcuts P for pause slideshow, B to go back one image (same as BackSpace), and 1 - 4 to directly set zoom level.
[Ctrl] - W now closes image-view windows.
Fix window auto-size bug for 'fit window to image'.
Re-implemented missing 'place dialogs under mouse' option.
Fix image from command line to show correct file dimensions and size.

0.9.3 - 1/29/2001

Multiple files from the command line are now added to a 'command line' collection.
Use of delete key for delete is now an option.
Updated a few translations missed in 0.9.2 release.
Added Slovene, and updated Polish translations. (PO is the only one thus far updated to the new menus)
Many image renderer fixes.
Fixed updating of thumbnails.
Fixed .xvpics thumbnail support.
Many other bug fixes.

0.9.2 - 1/22/2001

Re-implemented the method for drawing the image onto the screen. Fixing many rendering issues along the way.
Added support for full alpha-channel transparency.
Added 'Find duplicates' window, add files to compare by dnd, also accepts directories for recursive comparison.
New and improved dialogs.
Keyboard accelerators for menus are now saved.
Main menu now has tearoff submenus.
Selecting from the drop down history on the main window now changes to the new path.
Renaming a file using 'in place renaming' no longer allows overwrite of existing files.
Fix method of restoring window positions.
Fix losing the keyboard grab for full screen windows.
Thumbnails are now properly updated when refreshing, and when changing between directories that contain similar file names.

0.9.1 - 9/11/2000

Moved from Imlib to gdk-pixbuf.
Made zoom increment adjustable from 0.1 to 4.0.
Added image rotation. (clockwise/counterclockwise 90, 180, flip, and mirror)
Made quality adjustable for thumbnails and zooming.
Added read-ahead to preload the next image.
Updated translations for French, Russian, and added Polish.
Added option to have dialogs show at mouse position.
Slideshows now start from the current image when not random.
Slideshows can now be paused (image right click menu).
Thumbnails are now generated in idle calls.
Added more thumbnail size options.
Pressing refresh now reloads the image too.
Escape key now cancels dialogs.
Added thumbail 'clear cache' button in preferences.
Fix crash when loading thumbnails during a delete.
More various minor fixes and improvements.

0.9.0 - 7/24/2000

Added image collections.
Added file sorting (name, date, time).
Recursive slideshow, only works by dragging a dir to a view window.
View windows now have fullscreen, and slideshow (by dnd or collections).
Mouse cursor now hides (after delay) when in full screen.
Added (un)select all function.
Moved .gqviewrc and .gqview_thmbs to better ~/gqview/* locations.
Drop down history is now saved between runs (~/gqview/history).
Path selection dialogs now update as the path entry changes.
Numeric keypad now supported. (for panning, zooming, etc.)
Added drop down path history to the main window.
Usual small fixes.

0.8.2 - 6/5/2000

New translations for it, and updated es, pt_BR.
Now 'zoom to fit' also expands images (can be disabled in options).
Added (optional) in place renaming.
Changed window title (GQview now after filename), added window icons.
Directory list now make previous dir visible.
Minor compile -Wall cleanups, bug fixes.

0.8.1 - 4/14/2000

New translations for es, fr, sk, and updated tr.
Mouse wheel scrolls image, or optionally changes image next or back. (Wheel must be mapped to buttons 4 and 5)
Fix to include RPM spec file in source.

0.8.0 - 4/6/2000

Now use autoconf/make, resulting in a configure script.
Now supports i18n, added translations: de ja pt_BR ru.
Remove 'save settings on exit', they are now always saved.
Copy/move dialogs now include drop down history.
Overwrite dialogs now display source and dest images.
Full screen toggle is now 'V'.
New command line options: -f or --fullscreen; -s or --slideshow; renamed long option to use -- instead of -.
New option 'set wallpaper' sets the root window to current image. (Scales in 'fit to window mode', tiles in all others) (edit menus).
Thumbnail mode is now remembered between runs.
During slideshows, next/prev image changes (space/backspace) now follow the slideshow progression.
Icons now update when size is configured.
When dragging files, and the action was a move, refresh the filelist.
Directory changes, and the filelist scrolls to follow tab completion in the main window.
Icons sizes are now properly remembered when the config dialog is opened then closed without re-selecting the size.
Less memory leaks :)

0.7.0 - 7/7/99

New slideshow feature, including random and repeat. (s key).
New full screen feature (ctrl + f).
Images can now be opened in a new window.
Added progressive keyboard scrolling of images (off by default).
Windows and images no longer 'snap' to their original size under some conditions.

0.6.1 - 05/27/99

Visible thumbnails are now generated first.
Better tab completion, file lists now sync to tab completion in dialogs.
Fix update of thumbnail and image name bugs when renaming.
Fix badmatch errors on 8 bit psuedo color display.
Various bug fixes.

0.6.0 - 03/05/99

Major rewrite (60-70%), now requires gtk+-1.2.0
Multiple file selection.
Drag and drop.
Better keyboard support.
xvpics thumbnail support (read only), optional.
Add command line options to force show and hide of tools.
Fix tab completion bug.
Fix gtk 1.2.0 related bugs.

0.5.1 - 12/8/98

Should compile now without editing the Makefile with any gtk through 1.1.5
Fix file highlight bug when user tab completes to currently displayed dir.
Fix for FreeBSD.

0.5.0 - 11/11/98

Add path entry window with tab completion.
Add tab completion to all areas where a path can be typed.
Add option to save window positions.
Pressing '+' zooms image. Previously only '=' was bound, causing problems for some keyboard layouts.
Add border to floating tools window for better appearance on some WM's.

0.4.3 - 10/09/98

Fix bug when 'fit window to image' is on, tools float/hide, and the next image selected has the same dimensions, it would not display.
More fixes dealing with 'fit window to image'

0.4.2 - 10/07/98

Add 'fit window to image' option when tools float or hide.
Add copy and move dialogs.
Add option to hide the tools completely.
Save settings on exit option added, and option to restore tool state.
Pressing the [ESC] key will now stop loading of thumbnails.
[CTRL] - M is now for moving files, purging old thumbnails is now [CTRL] - T.
Add save button to config dialog.
New configuration tab: image, moved relevent options there.

0.4.1 - 09/11/98

Scrollbars removed, now you can pan the image by pressing and dragging the mouse on the image. The arrow keys will pan too (use [Ctrl] to pan faster)
The file selection area and status line can be 'floated' into a separate window, this allows the image window to display more of the image.
The file delete confirmation dialog can now be disabled in the options window.
The beginnings of keyboard support ( see the keyboard chart, in documenation )
Now if a thumbnail is older than it's parent image, the thumbnail is recreated, so that changed images have their thumbnail properly updated.
While loading thumbnails GQview is now responsive to commands, slowly, but it works. You can now load images, delete files, etc. while the thumbnails are being generated. The thumbnail generation can be interrupted too by simply turning them off.
The code that determines the user's HOME directory has been rewritten, now hopefully users of nis will be happy. If the directory is not found or cannot be determined, GQview exits semi-gracefully.
Fixed some bugs here and there.

0.4.0 - 08/15/98

Thumbnail caching added ($HOME/.gqview_thmb).
Patch applied for those that want to compile with GTK 1.1.x (see README).

0.3.4 - 07/30/98

Fixed problem loading files into external editor when the file's path contained spaces.

0.3.3 - 05/15/98

Changes to file listing code for big speed improvement in large directories.
Added a pixmap file to use as an icon (gqview.xpm).
Fixed a bug that would cause a thumbnail's height or width to be zero when an image has a large aspect ratio.
Fixed some memory leaks in the file listing code.

0.3.2 - 05/07/98

Added a png file to use as an icon.
Fixed a bug that made the first external editor slot useless.

0.3.1 - 05/04/98

Changed the filelist code to properly implement the GList.
Some source code re-arranging.

0.3.0 - 04/24/98

Added thumbnail display!
Thumbnail size can be selected (General Options tab).
Rewrite (again) of the file list display (to enable add / removal of entries without a complete refresh of the file list).
Minor display layout changes (to accommodate the progress bar).
When a file format cannot be determined, a generic 'unknown image' picture is displayed.
Added display for the number of files listed.
Added '-debug' command line option for debug output (preliminary).

0.2.1 - 04/08/98

Added a divider with a handle to allow resizing of the file lists.
Renamed menu item Exit to Quit.
Added missing file includes exposed by the release of GTK+ 0.99.10

0.2.0 - 03/19/98

External editors can now be entered in the configuration window. 
The file list now has a popup menu (delete, rename, and edit). 
File list highlight now follows the currently viewed image.

0.1.1 - 03/04/98

GQview updated to compile with GTK 0.99.4 
Command line now excepts file relative to current directory (previously, the complete path to a file was required) 
File list now scrolls to display filename when new image is selected. 

0.1.0 - 2/28/98

Added menu bar. 
Added keyboard shortcuts. 
Configuration can be saved. (to .gqviewrc in user's home directory) 
Command line support. (specify startup directory or file) 
Added custom filtering options to support more formats. (Imlib uses ImageMagick or Netpbm, if available, for formats it does not support natively.) 
File operations to create a directory, rename or delete file. 
Click on the image to change to next image (button one), previous image (button two), or pop up a menu (button three). The menu controls zooming options, file operations, or editing the image in an external editor. 
Added option to load image into The Gimp. (gimp must be in your path) 
Other minor fixes and improvements. 
Fixed a bug in the history list truncating routine. (GQview would crash if any name was longer than 25 characters)

0.0.3 - 2/18/98

Source code organization! The source is now readable. 
Makefile changed - the '-g' option was removed from the gcc command line, resulting in a binary that is 1/3 it's previous size. 
Transparency bug fixed. No longer displays garbage behind the image. It now sets that color to a default. Unfortunately that default seems to be purple. I almost prefer the garbage ;)

0.0.2 - 2/14/98

Configuration window. 
Toggle display of dot files under 'General Options' tab. 
Set default zoom mode under 'General Options' tab. 
Disable file filtering under 'Filtering' tab. 
Select file types to filter under 'Filtering' tab. 
'About' tab displays version and contact information. 
Unlimited directory and file lists. 
Lists are now sorted. 
History list no longer 'expands' out of control. Paths longer than 32 characters are truncated and '/...' is prepended.

0.0.1 - 2/10/98

Initial release. Alpha stage. Can load images, most basic functions work, and looks ok. There is no keyboard support and configuration is not changeable.

updated 12/03/2006