External Editing - Image Management


4.4 External Editing

GQview provides the ability to execute commands, such as running an image editor, on a selected image. In GQview these are called the external editing commands.

These commands are executed by pressing Control and a number key, from the Edit menu, or from the context menu available to all images and files. The keyboards shortcuts are Control + 1 through Control + 9, and Control + 0, they correspond respectively to commands 1 through 10 on the Editors tab in Options.

To edit the command list refer to section 10.5 Editor Commands.

Result dialog

Commands that are set to display the command's output in a window will show a dialog when the command is executed.

To specify a command to show a dialog begin the command with the %V or %v macros, details for these an all macros are listed on the Editors tab in Options.

The result dialog will display the command's text output. If the editor command will result in multiple runs of the same command for each file, the Stop button will be enabled, activate it to stop GQview from executing the command for remaining files.

Once all commands have completed or if the Stop button was activated and the pending command has completed, the Close button will be enabled, activate it or press Escape to close the result dialog. The result dialog can not be closed while a command is still running.




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