Keywords - Sidebar


7.3 Keywords Sidebar

The Keywords sidebar displays keywords and comments for the active image, and provides functions for editing them.

To toggle display of the Keywords sidebar press Control + K or select “Keywords” from the View menu.

Keywords are single words that are associated to an image. They can be used to classify, group, or describe; the uses for keywords are only limited by your imagination. Images associated to one or more keywords can be found using the Search window.

Comments is an area to associate a textual description to an image.

The sidebar is comprised of three sections: Keywords, Comments and a button bar.


The keywords panel consists of two fields. The left field is a text entry that allows direct typing of one or more keywords. The right field is a list of favorite or often used keywords that can be associated with the active image by filling the check box next to the keyword.

The text entry allows typing keywords to associate them with the active image. Keywords entered here can be separated by a space, tab, or comma; creating a new line by pressing Enter will also separate keywords.

The favorite keywords list allows quick selection of commonly used keywords. A keyword is enabled when the check box next to it is filled. The text entry will update as words from the list are selected. To edit the favorite keywords list activate the favorites button at the bottom of the sidebar.


This text entry allows entering text to be associated with the active image.

The buttons

Note: These buttons are only displayed as an icon, the text below refers to the tool tip that appears by hovering the mouse over each button.

Edit favorite keywords list: Activate this button to display a dialog to edit the favorite keywords list. For details on the dialog refer to the section titled Favorite Keywords Dialog, below.

Add keywords to selected files: This button will be active when more than one image is selected. Activate this button to add all keywords currently displayed to the selected list of files.

Add keywords to selected files, replacing existing ones: This button will be active when more than one image is selected. Activate this button to replace all keywords in the selected files with the ones that are currently displayed. All previously existing keywords for those files will be lost.

Save comment now: Saving of changes to keywords and comments are slightly delayed to reduce writes to disk. If the changes have not yet been written to disk this button will be active, activating it will immediately save the changes.

Favorite Keywords Dialog

This dialog allows editing of the favorite keywords list that is displayed in the Keywords sidebar. Activating the Add button will create a new blank item at the current position in the list, the new item will immediately change to the editing state to allow entry of the new keyword. Activating the Remove button will remove the selected keyword from the list. To edit a row highlight it then click it or press Enter on the keyboard.

Activate OK to save the changes and close the dialog, Cancel will discard the changes and close the dialog.




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