EXIF - Sidebars


7.1 EXIF Sidebar

The EXIF sidebar displays EXIF data that is embedded in an image. The sidebar has two choices of data display, standard and advanced.

To toggle display of the The EXIF sidebar press Control + E or select “Exif data” from the View menu.

EXIF: Stands for “Exchangeable image file format”, it is the common format used to store additional information into the JPEG and TIFF file formats. EXIF is the standard for saving the settings used when taking a photo with a digital camera, however other imaging devices and some software also use the EXIF format to store settings in the image file.

The EXIF parser in GQview conforms to version 2.2 of the EXIF specification, with the exception that GPS attributes are ignored. In addition, manufacturer extensions to the format are not supported, this includes the proprietary data stored in the MakerNote Tag. GQview support of EXIF is read only.

Standard view

The standard view of the EXIF sidebar displays information that is common to most cameras, data is displayed in the standard format for each attribute.

Advanced view

The advanced view displays all tags that are present in the image. Unlike the standard view, data is displayed in raw format.

Customizing the standard view

Additional information can be added to the standard view. To add custom EXIF tags to the standard view, switch to the advanced view. The first column of each row in the advanced view is a check box, enabling the check box will result in the corresponding tag to appear in the standard view. Customized tags are displayed in the order that they are added.

To remove customized tags from the standard view, switch to the advanced view and disable the check box next to the tag (or tags) you want to remove.




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