Hidden – Options Explained


10.7 Hidden Options


This section describes the options not accessible by the graphical interface, these options exist to maintain behavior of older releases of GQview. To change these settings, edit the GQview configuration file:


lazy_image_sync: [true | false]: This will suppress the image view from changing when selecting a new folder; the current image will remain displayed until the user manually selects another image.

display_dialogs_under_mouse: [true | false]: Enabling this will cause new dialogs to initially position themselves such that they are under the current mouse position.

scroll_reset_method: value: This will set the method used to set the scroll position, or visible region of a new image, value can be:

0: Move to upper left corner.
1: Center image.
2: Maintain same visible region as previous image, if possible.

dither_quality: Set the quality when dithering images on displays with a limited color pallet:

0: No dithering
1: Normal
2: Best

Find Duplicates window

[Control] + [Shift] + [Right Mouse click]: Use this to display a dialog containing the data stored for the clicked image file. This is usually only useful for debugging purposes.




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